Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My first entry!!!

Hello fellow doll collectors.  I thought I'd share a few pics with you guys.  On my other blog I spoke of an amoire that I got this past weekend for 50 bucks.  I store all my Barbie furniture in it.  LOOOOVE it !! :) I was too tired to upload a picture then, but I have one now.  I also thought I'd post some pictures of my Barbie house that I'm remodeling.  So far I've painted the outside of the home and completed the bathroom. I also started on the kitchen. Yesterday the Barbie doll that I ordered off Ebay arrived, and I'm soooo thrilled with her.  "Spirit of the Sky Barbie ROCKS!!  Yes I deboxed her.  She is posing in front of the house.  I think she's just lovely.

                                 I know it's a mess!!!! I'll straghten it out one day :)

                               Aren't the boxes of detergent too cute ?!!!

So tell me what you guys think of the bathroom so far!!! I'd love to get your feedback !!


  1. Bathroom looks great. I really wish I had the room to start a project like that. Looking forward to more pictures of your dolls and your house project.

  2. Wow, it looks really nice and I love your doll. Is this the new washer and dryer that's out now repainted?

  3. Thanks Frannie and Georgia. Hopefully I'll have the whole house redone in the next few weeks. The washer and dryer are built into the house. I just painted the buttons black.

  4. Great use for the armoire. Love your house. I was just looking at one on ebay last week just like it. I love the style of it. Like what you've done to bathroom so far.