Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My first entry!!!

Hello fellow doll collectors.  I thought I'd share a few pics with you guys.  On my other blog I spoke of an amoire that I got this past weekend for 50 bucks.  I store all my Barbie furniture in it.  LOOOOVE it !! :) I was too tired to upload a picture then, but I have one now.  I also thought I'd post some pictures of my Barbie house that I'm remodeling.  So far I've painted the outside of the home and completed the bathroom. I also started on the kitchen. Yesterday the Barbie doll that I ordered off Ebay arrived, and I'm soooo thrilled with her.  "Spirit of the Sky Barbie ROCKS!!  Yes I deboxed her.  She is posing in front of the house.  I think she's just lovely.

                                 I know it's a mess!!!! I'll straghten it out one day :)

                               Aren't the boxes of detergent too cute ?!!!

So tell me what you guys think of the bathroom so far!!! I'd love to get your feedback !!